Leaving Examination Topics

  1. English speaking countries; English language
    The history and present days of the Commonwealth; The importance of English; British and American English
  2. Canada, Australia, New Zealand
    Základní demografické, zeměpisné a ekonomické údaje, zajímavosti o jednotlivých zemích
  3. The United Kingdom
    Basic geographical data; Industry, agriculture and services; Places of interest; History; Political system
  4. The United States of America
    Basic geographical data; Industry, agriculture and services; Places of interest; History; Political system
  5. London
    History; Political, cultural, commercial centre of the UK; Transportation; Most favourite sights
  6. Czech Republic
    Basic geographical data; History; Industry, agriculture, services; Places of interest; Political system
  7. William Shakespeare
    The greatest dramatist of all times; Shakespeare's drama I have seen or read; My favourite writer; Compulsory reading writers; British and American writers
  8. Sport and Games
    Sports and games in the Czech Republic, in the UK and in the USA; My sport activities; Sport at schools; Sport in our town/village
  9. My best friend; Friendship
    My thoughts about real friendship; My best friend; A personality I admire
  10. Cultural life
    Cinema, theatre, exhibition, museum, music; My favourite theatre play, movie, actor, director, artist
  11. Course of the year
    The weather, important holidays and anniversaries; My favourite season
  12. Travelling, Travel agencies
    Various means of transport
  13. Prague — the capital of our country
    Basic information; History; Political, cultural and transport centre of the Czech Republic
  14. Health care in our country
    Seeing a doctor; Healthy living conditions; Human body
  15. Meals
    Meals in the Czech Republic, in the UK, in the USA; My favourite meal; At a restaurant; Diets and good health
  16. Shopping and services
    Various kinds of shops; Some problems connected with shopping; Fashion
  17. Housing
    Our house or flat; My housework duties; An ideal dwelling; Housing
  18. Family life. Relations
    Our family; Relations; The most interesting member of our family; Holidays and anniversaries in our family
  19. Autobiography. Jobs. Future career
    My daily programme; My after school activities and hobbies; Jobs; Employment
  20. Problems of modern world
    Terrorism and wars; Racism; Ecological problems; Problems of young generation; Nature, fauna and flora
  21. Krnov — the town of my studies. Moravian-Silesian Region
    History of Krnov; Interesting places in Krnov; Moravian-Silesian Region
  22. Mass media. Communication
    Mass Media in UK, in USA, in Czech Republic; Forms of communication; On the phone
  23. New York. Washington
    New York City – největší město U.S.A.; Washington D.C. – hlavní město USA
  24. Educational systems
    The Czech, British, and American educational systems; My school years; Our school
  25. Business correspondence
    The difference between private and business letters, the parts of business letter, types of business letters with its characteristics; Advertising; The most effective advertising media; The European Union